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Wiki Development

I have started up a wiki, and am in the process of finding cool implementations online. I would like to use this post as a place to list some of the really cool wiki implementations out there. GuildWars Specific Wiki Page

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The Gallery

Much work has gone into uploading photos from a San Francisco assignment into the gallery 2 application here at BlueHost. It ate up too much CPU resources for my humble hosting package for each page to generate thumbnails, so I had to wait a couple minutes for my account to become un-locked. However, I think…

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Hosting Packages

In case anyone was interested, this blog site is hosted by BlueHost. I have been very happy with the features and cost of this hosting provider. I would like to note that some web applications use quite a bit of processing when creating image thumbnails etc. I have noticed that while I’m setting up gallery…

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Time to Blog

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  As my role at work forced me to notice the buzz on Web 2.0, I decided to kick start my web presence here. There are many options for blogging and communities, and I decided to jump in. My wife has hooked me up with her myspace.com friends and I thought it might be a…

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